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Bacteria Control

Bacteria removal system for wine storages

When competing to achieve a higher quality wine, airborne bacteria control is a vitally important factor in this effort. In addition to achieving a higher quality product, controlling airborne bacteria and spores within wineries helps in the prevention of molds. Molds that develop within wineries can produce unacceptable odors.

The presence of airborne bacteria in wineries can have a negative impact on wine taste. Some types of airborne bacteria, if not properly controlled can taint wine, resulting in a reduction of its potential value. The Miatech Bio-Turbo equipment can prevent the potential of cross contamination due to bacteria. This effective and affordable solution is ready to become part of any wineries high standards.

Miatech’s Bio-Turbo will keep wine storage areas safe by reducing bacteria levels an estimated 93.1% to 99.9%. This kind of equipment is the best way to achieve significantly lower airborne bacteria levels associated with wine making and storage.

Equipment in Use

wine barrels

Safeguards wine quality

Bacteria control system reduces airborne bacteria and mold which can taint wine and produce unpleasant odors.

Winery without molds

Prevents cross-contamination

An additional benefit of bacteria control equipment is the prevention of cross-contamination.

bacteria removal system

Eliminates up 99% of airborne pathogens and bacteria

Killing molds and fungi, like botrytis, black, green, and gray molds it provides a better overall environment in the wineries.