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Wine Cellar Humidification

Wine cellar humidification

The correct level of humidity is important for wine cellar applications. It helps the cork stay moist and airproof. Proper humidity is sometimes overlooked when addressing the subject of wine room conditioning options. The fact is, wine cellar humidity levels can be as important as those of temperature in order to maintain the long term integrity of wine.

Wine initially improves with age, but steady levels of humidity are important to wine integrity. Low humidity levels can result in oxidation. A dry cork may allow air to seep into the bottle and alter its flavor.

Very high levels of humidity can also be a problem. Too much moisture damages the labels of wine bottles. For this reason, a target humidity of 75% is ideal

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Preserving wine bottle identity

Too much moisture can result in label damaging, thereby control of the air humidity level you will preserve the identity of each bottle of wine. 

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Profit and quality improvement

By preventing wine evaporation and oxidization, both profits and quality are improved.

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Affordable to own and operate 

Humidification system operates under low power consumption and doesn’t require any filters to be changed.