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Wine Barrel Humidification

In a typical storage area without humidification, about four gallons (15 litters) of wine evaporate from a 60-gallon barrel each year. In the two years that fine red wine is typically aged, that can amount to eight gallons (30 litters). Maintaining an ideal humidity level can significantly reduce the expenses associated with the “topping off” process, making winery humidification one of the most effective tools for wine storage.


wine savings chart

Relative humidity in storage areas also has a primary role when the final ethanol content of the wine is being determined. Water and ethanol evaporate at the same rate when the storage area humidity is 70%. When RH level is lower than this, water evaporates more quickly, causing increased ethanol content. The process moves in the opposite direction when the humidity is over 70%.

Using the Miatech system will prevent wine evaporation of up to 14% over a two-year aging period depending on the temperature control of the storage area.

Take control of the wine aging process with a Miatech Solution!


Equipment in Use

wine barrel storage

Wetness-free humidification 

A primary part of Miatech wine barrel storage humidification is to provide humidity without wetness.

wine barrel storage

Reduced wine losses 

Having the right humidity level can reduce wine losses by up to 14% and saves labor with topping off stored barrels. 

wine humidification

Average saving – 14% per bottle

When storing about 1000 American wine barrels, the savings with Miatech humidification systems may reach over $470 000 for two years storage period.